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We will work with you to design a concrete pad to build your screen or Insulated Florida Room , or we can extend existing concrete to make an area larger. 

 Screened Room Benefits 

◦Protects your family from the environment. 

◦No debris in the pool such as leaves, branches, and dead bugs. 

◦Keeps mosquitos, wasps, hornets, flies, and other flying insects. 

◦Screened rooms are custom designed. 

All aluminum frame which requires no maintenance and will not deteriorate. 

◦Saves money on costly pool chemicals. 

◦Doors are self latching. 

◦Enjoy suntanning during the day and relaxing in the evening. 

◦Extends the life of pool equipment. 

◦Keeps neighborhood children away from the pooL


Pool Screen Enclosure 

Roof style

  • Gable Style, Mansard, and Half Mansard style.

  • Expand your living area as well as provide a secure area for children and pets. Keep the yard debris and the annoying bugs out! Many different types of screen to choose from.


Carport or Walkway Covers: 

Our Elite Roofs are all engineered for your particular location. Create a carport to keep your vehicles out of the weather. 


Insulated Roofing: 

Elite Insulated Roofing Systems are the best for quality, durability, and appearance. These are great for outdoor entertaining, and adding protection from the elements and can be used as a room addition with screened walls or as a carport. 


Pet Products: 

We offer a range of sizes of pet "doggy or kitty" doors, perfect for accommodating your pets' roaming tendencies. Also pet screen so your pet will not damage or run away.


Front Entry way: 

Enclose the front entryway of your home for a dramatic entry way with a designer screen door, many designs to choose from. 


Super Gutter:

 is a heavy guage aluminum extruded gutter with a rectangular shape that comes in 5" and 7" widths. The 5" is .080-.090 guage thick aluminum that is almost 1/10th of an inch thick. 

The 7 inch version is deeper and wider and is .125 guage which is 1/8th inch in thickness. SUPER GUTTER was originally designed to be the primary gutter where a screen enclosure or pool enclosure is located on a home. It is 4 to 5 times thicker and 20 times stronger than regular gutters to support the weight of the pool/screen enclosure. It has 3 main functions which are to keep the water from the roof off the back or side patio deck, support the weight of the  screen enclosure, and most importantly keep water from contacting the wood fascia on the house. This prevents the fascia from rotting and prolongs the life of the roof structure. Another benefit, is that it keeps mold and leaves from gathering, decomposing and staining the patio. 
SUPER GUTTER is actually a product that has been engineered with specifications and the proper installation meets all Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane wind zone specifications. It has recently in the last few years been installed on commercial buildings because it is so much stronger and more durable than house gutter or commercial box gutter.


Phifer Florida Glass Screen:





•Standard 18/14 mesh

•20/20 mesh

•Privacy Screen / Florida Glass

•Pet Screen

•Screen for Window Screens

•Screen for Sliding Screen Doors 

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